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Monday, January 13th, 2014

Bring the DREAM Act up for a vote, Senator! An open letter to Majority Leader Rodney Tom

Editor’s note: Earlier today, following the House of Representatives’ lightning fast passage of the DREAM Act, NPI founder and executive director Andrew Villeneuve sent this message to Senator Rodney Tom, who represents the 48th District (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Medina, Clyde Hill) and is – at least in name – the Majority Leader of the Washington State Senate.

Senator Tom:

I’m writing about some comments you made today. From The Seattle Times:

Asked about the Dream Act and the Reproductive Parity Act, another Democrat[ic]-priority bill, Rodney Tom said his caucus intends to stick to jobs, education and the budget.

The DREAM Act has to do with education. So it’s within the purview you outlined to the Seattle Times’ Olympia correspondent, Andrew Garber.

Do you have a fallback excuse to explain why this legislation won’t be coming up for a vote this session, even though the House of Representatives has just voted, giving the Senate ample time for consideration?

If you’re truly the majority leader, as opposed to majority leader in name only, you should be able to bring this bill up for a vote in the Senate.

I mean, besides you, just one other vote from your caucus would be needed, and then together, with the Democrats, there’d be twenty-five votes for this bill.

Surely you could round up one of your fellow caucus members to cross the aisle and vote aye on the DREAM Act? You’re the one supposedly in favor of putting things up for a vote when there is a “philosophical” majority… isn’t that what all that Ninth Order business was all about in 2012?

What does it matter if the House doesn’t operate that way? It didn’t stop you, Senator Kastama, and Senator Sheldon from teaming up with the Republicans to take over the Senate nearly two years ago. So what’s to stop you from teaming up with Democrats to pass the DREAM Act now?

I mean, here’s the ludicrous thing, Senator: You still call yourself a Democrat, but you won’t work with Democrats to pass legislation that you say you support.

Since you’re acting like a Republican, you shouldn’t be surprised when those of us who are actually Democrats – like me! – call you a Republican.

Actions speak louder than words, Senator, and talk is cheap.

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