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Daily Archives: October 10th, 2013

LIVE from Bellingham: Council candidates share their vision for Whatcom County

Excerpt: Here comes the home stretch of yet anoth­er elec­tion season. As cam­paigns move into get-out-the-vote mode, vol­un­teers are phonebank­ing and knock­ing on doors, can­di­dates hope to make an impact on more civi­cal­ly active vot­ers by speak­ing at forums. While many of these just serve to engage the base and get a few more peo­ple to […]
Written by:Patrick Stickney
Categories:Elections, Live Coverage, Our Environment, Policy Topics
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Latest Republican thinking: We’ll vote to pay our nation’s bills for a few more weeks, but we won’t reopen the federal government

Excerpt: Sor­ry, Repub­li­cans.… not good enough: House Repub­li­cans, look­ing for a way out of a bud­get stand­off they began, plan to vote as ear­ly as Thurs­day on a plan to raise the debt lim­it through Novem­ber 22. But because the House pro­pos­al would not allow a vote on a Sen­ate-passed mea­sure to finance and reopen the gov­ern­ment, […]
Written by:Andrew Villeneuve
Categories:Breaking News, Economic Security, Policy Topics
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