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Whatcom, Spokane LD Races: Democrats win the 3rd, 40th, Republicans win 4th, 6th, 42nd

With a 46% of the ballots counted in Whatcom County and 56% of the vote in Spokane, the two challengers in the House, Democrats Matt Krogh and Natalie McClendon, have seemed to lost their bid to unseat Reps. Vincent Buys and Jason Overstreet.

They came up short in the primary, and unless a large surge of votes come in which are primarily Democratic, the 42nd will be solidly red represented. The most interesting thing about this race is that both of the candidate’s vote totals are almost exactly the same, both garnering 46% percent in their races. Matt Krogh, as of tonight’s returns, only had sixteen more votes cast in his race than in Natalie’s, and it became apparent during the primaries that voters thought of them as a package deal. Here’s hoping they pull through, but it will be a pleasant surprise.

In Spokane, Andy Billig handily won the Senate seat of retiring Majority Leader Lisa Brown, with a current margin in the double-digits. Marcus Ricelli, who was running to replace Rep. Billig, also handily won his election.

Moderate Democrat Amy Biviano lost against gun-toting Matt Shea in the so-red-it-bleeds 4th LD, and in the 6th LD in eastern Washington, represented by Michael Baumgartner, challenger to Maria Cantwell, in the state senate, Democratic candidate Dennis Dellwo lost to Jeff Holy.

In the 40th district, which includes Bellingham, all Democratic incumbents handily won reelection, sending solid and stellar lawmakers back to the legislature to fight for the best future of our state.

None of these results are likely to change, and all are largely indicative of these candidates performances during the primary. No surprises here, and even with some disappointments, our state will largely be served well by the representatives they have elected to go to Olympia, because while (most) of eastern Washington and north of Bellingham will vote against what we need as a state, these areas haave also voted in very dedicated individuals who will serve with our best interests at heart.