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Today is General Election Day 2012! Haven’t voted yet? It’s time to get that ballot in

Today is General Election Day in Washington State and across the United States. Much is at stake. The presidency, four hundred and thirty five seats in the U.S. House, and a third of the seats in the Senate are all on the line. And that’s just the federal level positions. Most statewide and state-level positions are also on the line here in Washington, along with the fate of our marriage equality law.

Have you voted yet? If you have, congratulations on fulfilling your civic duty as a citizen of Washington. Haven’t voted yet? It’s time to get that ballot in! You’ve only got a few hours left before time runs out to participate.

You should have received your ballot in the mail a few weeks ago from the county you reside in. If you did not receive a ballot, or if you have misplaced your ballot, you should call your county auditor or elections office to obtain a provisional ballot.

Don’t forget to sign your ballot before putting it in a drop box or the mail.

Drop box locations for this election:

Not sure who to vote for? If you belong to a particular political party, you may want to consult their list of endorsements.

If a stranger calls you or comes to your door offering to turn in your ballot, decline their offer. We know that the Republicans are sending paid operatives out into some neighborhoods to collect ballots. King County Elections strongly discourages giving possession or responsibility of your ballot to anyone other than the U.S. Postal Service or official King County Elections drop locations. We concur with them and urge you to keep custody of your ballot till it goes in a drop box or the U.S. Mail.

NPI has taken positions on the following statewide ballot measures (we do not endorse candidates for office);

  • Initiative 1185: NO
  • Initiative 1240: NO
  • Referendum 74: APPROVE
  • Initiative 502: YES
  • SJR 8221: REJECT
  • SJR 8223: REJECT
  • Advisory Vote No. 1: MAINTAIN
  • Advisory Vote No. 2: MAINTAIN

We also urge you to vote to approve local levies to keep public services going, For instance, the City of Kirkland in King County has two levies on the ballot. One of them would enhance Kirkland’s livability by providing increased funding for parks. Seattle, meanwhile, is asking voters to approve a levy to fund replacement of the seawall downtown (which is a crucially important project).

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