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DelBene winning short term seat

The crowd here at the Woodmark has gone wild with the announcement that she leads 57 to 43 for the short term seat. No results yet for the full term race and the old district leans heavily Democratic but it’s a great sign.

Results for the full term seat are also looking very positive. I think Suzan will be making a statement with her family at her side momentarily. Kurt just ran by looking for Becca.

The 1st CD can be very confusing for people outside the district. Because Jay Inslee resigned to concentrate on his race for Governor, there are two races in two geograpically different districts. But with the same candidates. By winning both races Suzan will gain a seniority edge over the rest of the incoming congressional class.

Congressman Rick Larsen is kicking off the speeches.

Now Ross Hunter is introducing Cyrus Habab.


Suzan is speaking now.