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Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Amtrak partially restores some service in Northeast; but no trains to or from New York

Amtrak announced ear­li­er today that it has begun to par­tial­ly restore some ser­vice in the mid-Atlantic states, but it won’t be pos­si­ble to trav­el to or from New York City by rail for at least sev­er­al days due to bad­ly flood­ed tunnels.

Here’s the advi­so­ry Amtrak released not long ago:

Amtrak will pro­vide mod­i­fied North­east Region­al ser­vice between Newark, N.J., and points south, on Wednes­day, Octo­ber 31, includ­ing restor­ing Vir­ginia ser­vice to Lynch­burg, Rich­mond and New­port News. Amtrak will also oper­ate Key­stone Ser­vice trains between Har­ris­burg, Penn., and Philadel­phia, and mod­i­fied Downeast­er ser­vice trains between Boston and Port­land, Maine, along with some overnight ser­vices to and from the Northeast.

How­ev­er, as in the case of oth­er tun­nel own­ers and oper­a­tors in New York City, Amtrak is remov­ing water and mak­ing repairs to track, sig­nal and pow­er sys­tems with­in its tun­nels under the Hud­son and East rivers. The amount of water intru­sion into the tun­nels is unprece­dent­ed – as was the storm itself – so a date for restora­tion of Amtrak ser­vice direct­ly to/from New York Penn Sta­tion from either the north or south is not avail­able at this time.

There­fore, there will be no North­east Region­al ser­vice between Newark and Boston and no Acela Express ser­vice for the length of the North­east Cor­ri­dor on Wednes­day, Octo­ber 31. Also, at Newark Penn Sta­tion, there will be no con­nect­ing ser­vice to New York City and no ele­va­tor or esca­la­tor ser­vice.  Ser­vice to the Newark Lib­er­ty Air­port rail sta­tion is sus­pend­ed due to a lack of con­nect­ing services.

Also can­celed on Wednes­day, Octo­ber 31, is the Empire Ser­vice between New York City and Buffalo/Niagara Falls, the Adiron­dack to and from Mon­tre­al, Québec, Cana­da, and the Ethan Allen Express to and from Rut­land, Vt., due to track dam­age south of Albany-Rens­se­laer, N.Y.

All of the MTA’s com­muter trains are also out of oper­a­tion. They won’t run tomor­row and they aren’t like­ly to run Thurs­day or Fri­day, either. With­in New York City, only bus­es are run­ning — no sub­way ser­vice is available.

Air trav­el remains dis­rupt­ed, as well. John F. Kennedy Inter­na­tion­al Air­port (JFK) and Newark Lib­er­ty Inter­na­tion­al Air­port (EWR) are both set to reopen tomor­row with lim­it­ed ser­vice, but LaGuardia (LGA) is still closed due to seri­ous flooding.

Grey­hound has resumed ser­vice between major cities in Mary­land and Vir­ginia, but is not serv­ing New York, Atlantic City, or Mt. Lau­rel. There is also no ser­vice to Ocean City in Mary­land. Peter Pan is resum­ing most of its ser­vice tomor­row, but there are some can­cel­la­tions.

The Mass­a­chu­setts Bay Trans­porta­tion Author­i­ty is oper­at­ing its com­muter trains, so rail trav­el into Rhode Island is avail­able as far south as the Prov­i­dence area.

New Jer­sey Tran­sit remains almost com­plete­ly shut down. Lim­it­ed bus ser­vice in Cam­den Coun­ty is resum­ing, but that’s it.

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One Comment

  1. I adore Amtrak. Love and care is key to the sus­tain­abil­i­ty of train ser­vice in Amer­i­ca. Hope rid­er­ship returns once the trains start run­ning again. 

    # by Steve W. :: November 5th, 2012 at 4:11 PM
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