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Daily Archives: September 14th, 2012

Washington lawmakers should act to abolish executions in the 2013 legislative session

Excerpt: A few months ago, as spring reached its apex, Connecticut’s Gov­er­nor, Dan­nel Mal­loy, a Demo­c­rat, signed a bill out­law­ing cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment. “Con­necti­cut joins six­teen oth­er states and the rest of the indus­tri­al­ized world by tak­ing this action,” he not­ed as he signed the bill into law. The signs are obvi­ous for any­one who looks. Cap­i­tal […]
Written by:Martin Chaney
Categories:Civil Liberties, Policy Topics
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Fallout from anonymously-produced video mocking Islam continues all over Middle East

Excerpt: Less than one hun­dred hours after the eleven year anniver­sary of Sep­tem­ber 11th, Islam­ic fun­da­men­tal­ists have seized upon an anony­mous­ly-pro­duced video that mocks Islam to fan the flames of anti-Amer­i­can sen­ti­ment all across the Mid­dle East… in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Lebanon, and oth­er countries. The U.S. Depart­ment of State on Thurs­day issued trav­el warn­ings […]
Written by:Andrew Villeneuve
Categories:Policy Topics, World Commmunity
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