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BREAKING: Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan said to be Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick

Breaking news this evening: A number of media outlets are reporting that the 2012 Republican ticket has now been set with presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s selection of U.S. Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Ryan, who represents Wisconsin’s 1st District and chairs the House Committee on Budget, is well-liked by movement and establishment conservatives alike.

Ryan is the author of the eponymous (and infamous) Ryan budget, which would end Medicare as we know it and cripple many other vital public services that are vital to America’s economic security and well-being.

Romney reportedly settled on Ryan after ruling out several other names on his short list, including Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, former Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, and Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.

Romney is set to make the announcement early tomorrow morning in Norfolk, Virginia, with the USS Wisconsin as a backdrop. The Wisconsin is an Iowa-class battleship that served in World War II, the Korean War, and even the First Gulf War before it was decommissioned and turned into a museum ship. The announcement is expected at 8:45 AM Eastern/5:45 AM Pacific.

The Romney campaign reportedly has sent a private jet from Boston to Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin to ferry Romney’s V.P. pick to Norfolk.

Judging by the early reaction on Twitter, strategists for Barack Obama are relishing the prospect of being able to attach the Ryan budget to Mitt Romney like an anvil. And progressive activists seem about as enthused about a Romney/Ryan ticket as conservatives have been prior to tonight’s breaking news.

If it’s really Ryan, Romney will have picked one of the only people who could have had an impact in the race. But, not the way he wants.

— Bill Burton (@billburton716) August 11, 2012

Who’s calling the shots? The base sends Mitt his marching orders on VP.

— David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) August 10, 2012

As a Wisconsinite, I can confidently say that Paul Ryan is a maniac masquerading as a reasonable man.

— nilay patel (@reckless) August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan is the one VP pick who can unite liberal and conservative America. #CouponsCouponsCoupons

— Rachel Maddow MSNBC (@maddow) August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan was a speechwriter for Bob Dole’s VP choice, Jack Kemp, in 1996. So apt because Mitt Romney is Bob Dole with a $50M IRA.

— Matt Ortega (@MattOrtega) August 11, 2012

Romney’s announcement comes on a weekend packed with sporting events, including the PGA Tour and the final two days of the Olympics. Romney is set to embark on a multi-state bus tour following tomorrow morning’s announcement – possibly with Ryan alongside him.