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Jay Inslee releases positions on Washington’s 2011 statewide initiatives

Jay Inslee, Washington’s likely Democratic nominee for governor in 2012, released his positions on all three of Washington’s 2011 statewide initiatives this afternoon, after earlier taking a strong stand on one of them (Tim Eyman’s I-1125) at the Washington Conservation Voters’ Breakfast of Champions earlier this month.

Inslee opposes I-1125 and Costco’s I-1183, and supports SEIU’s I-1163.

His rationale on I-1183:

As a former prosecutor of many drunk drivers who has personally seen the carnage they cause, I cannot in good conscious support a large expansion of hard liquor availability in our state. So while we must look for efficiencies in the delivery of all services, I cannot support this measure.

We agree and strongly urge a NO vote on I-1183 this autumn.

On I-1163:

Given the importance of protecting the least among us, I will be voting in support of this measure. Initiatives with budgetary impacts pose unique problems, and the Legislature will still have to balance funding this with other priorities.

We are also supporting I-1163, with the same reservations.

On I-1125:

I will be joining the many business owners, workers, transit riders and farmers across the state voting against I-1125 this November for one simple reason: it will damage our ability to grow our economy and create jobs.

I-1125 is more than just a jobs-killer. It’s a gridlock creator. If the old Evergreen Point Floating Bridge is damaged by an earthquake or a windstorm because our plans to replace it were sabotaged by I-1125, we’ll be in a world of hurt.

The loss of either one of our floating bridges would have devastating impacts on cross-lake commerce. It is vital we replace the aging span built during Governor Rosellini’s time in office half a century ago.

I-1125 also jeopardizes the Columbia River Crossing and East Link. If we don’t get those projects built, traffic congestion will only become worse.

We thank Jay Inslee for taking a strong, courageous stand against I-1125, and for joining us in opposing I-1183 and I-1163 as well.

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  1. Posted October 19th, 2011 at 1:41 AM | Permalink

    I agree with Inslee about 1183. I disagree with him on 1125. Basically, light rail on either I-90 or I-5 (Portland to Vancouver, WA) is illegal under the 18th amendment to the State Constitution. The 18th specifically says that gas taxes can only be used for highway purposes, never for light rail.

    As for a natural disaster destroying 520, remember that even if 1125 passes, it does NOT ban tolls, it simply makes tolls project specific. There is no reason why voting yes on 1125 would stop the replacement of 520.

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