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LIVE from Minneapolis: Netroots Nation 2012 to be in Providence, Rhode Island

A canal in downtown Providence

A snapshot of the sights of downtown Providence, the host city for Netroots Nation (Photo: J. Stephen Conn/Reproduced under a Creative Commons license)

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has just taken the stage here in Minneapolis to announce that the next Netroots Nation will be held in Providence, Rhode Island, from June 7th to June 10th.

We had guessed that the convention would be in Providence, mainly because we already knew that organizers wanted to bring NN to Providence last year. They ended up not being able to due to a labor dispute at the Westin Providence, one of only a couple of unionized hotels in the city.

Consequently, this year, the convention went to Minneapolis.

But the dispute between the hotel workers and the management has since been resolved successfully, so next year, Netroots Nation will be in Providence.

To be more specific, it will be at the Rhode Island Convention Center, which has a 100,000+ square foot exhibit hall, 20,000+ ballroom, twenty-three meeting rooms, and is connected to the Providence Westin (the host hotel for 2012) via skybridge.

Netroots Nation has never been to New England or the Atlantic seaboard for that matter – the farthest east the convention has gone was to Pittsburgh in 2009. It’s exciting to see that the convention will be somewhere it has never been before. Providence is an inspired choice for this community’s 2012 gathering.

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  1. Posted June 20th, 2011 at 9:39 AM | Permalink

    Can’t wait to welcome you to Providence. Be sure to leave time in your schedule for AWESOME!

    In the photo above, note the objects up the center of the river. They’re braziers — fire baskets — that float on the water and get lit during Water Fire, a semi-regular event. Fire on the river with wicked cool music on sound system distributed over a quarter mile of urban river park. Giant mobs of people just mill about. It’s free.

    Hopefully, they’ll schedule one for your visit.

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