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Friday, January 7, 2011

David Goldstein joins the staff of The Stranger

One of our region's best-known bloggers, David Goldstein of HA Seattle (or HorsesAss) is joining the staff of The Stranger as a full-time news writer beginning in February, news editor Dominic Holden announced this afternoon.

"Sure, we don't embrace all of his positions—puritanical on liquor, longtime fan of Kim Jong Il — but at least we'll finally have an unbiased, nonpartisan, Seattle Times-approved journalist in the office," Holden joked.

Goldy himself hasn't yet confirmed the news on his own blog, but I suspect that it won't be long before he does. What happens to HA Seattle now is unclear; because Goldy will be working full-time for The Stranger (and presumably writing for the print edition in addition to blogging at Slog), he won't be able to keep HA Seattle going himself. But hopefully, he'll find someone who can take it over and continue publishing it. He's got a few weeks to figure it out.

We at NPI are rather heartened by this news. Goldy has made no secret of the fact that he couldn't continue supporting himself solely through the generosity of his readers. Now that he's joining Seattle's most popular weekly, he'll have stable employment. We may not always agree with Goldy, but there's no question that he is a very entertaining and talented writer, and we're glad that he's still going to be writing about state and local politics. Of all the publications around these parts where he could have landed a job, The Stranger is perhaps the best fit. We're certain its pages (and virtual pages) will benefit from his wit.

Congratulations, Goldy. Best of luck in your new role from everybody at NPI, and thanks for all you've given to the movement these last few years.

POSTSCRIPT: Goldy has posted on the news at HA.


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