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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where's the outrage? Governor proposes not funding the people's priorities

Conservatives – usually quick to complain about “the will of the people” whenever a Tim Eyman initiative is suspended or ruled unconstitutional – have been conspicuously silent since Gov. Chris Gregoire announced the suspension of Initiatives 728, 732, and 1029 in her latest budget proposal.

How is it that the people who screamed at the top of their lungs when the Legislature set aside I-960 – which was approved by only 51.24 percent of the people – can be so silent when initiatives that were approved by a far larger margin are suspended?

Perhaps now is an appropriate time to remind them that Initiative 728 – which mandated reduce class sizes, extend learning programs, expand teacher training – was approved by 71.73 percent of the people.

Maybe they’ve forgotten that Initiative 732 – which mandated that school teachers, other school district employees, and certain employees of community and technical colleges receive annual cost-of-living salary adjustments – was approved by 62.69 percent of the people.

And they seem to have overlooked the fact that Initiative 1029 – which requires that long-term care workers be certified as home care aides based on an examination, increases training and criminal background check requirements, and establishes disciplinary standards and procedures – was approved by 72.53 percent of the people.

So where's the outrage?

Oh, that's right... we forgot. Only successful right wing ballot measures count as the "will of the people". Progressive ballot measures don't count because... well, er... they just don't count. That explains why we're not hearing any Republican senators yowl that the proposed budget is immoral. And it explains why Tim Eyman hasn't complained either. He's always wanted to take an axe to state government... now Chris Gregoire is doing it for him.


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