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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

President Obama in his own words

So much for change we can believe in. Like the old saying goes: the more things change the more they stay the same.

Here is Senator Barack Obama at the Democratic Primary Presidential candidate forum at Drexel University on October 30, 2007:
Those kinds of progressive tax steps, while closing loopholes and rolling back the Bush tax cuts to the top 1 percent, simply restores some fairness and a sense that we're all in this together, as opposed to each of us being in it on our own.
Where is the fairness today, Mr. President? Where's the feeling that we're all in this together, when the wealthiest individuals aren't paying their fair share?

Back in January 2008, Senator Obama delivered a response to President Bush's State of the Union Address, in which he addressed the President's tax policy.
We heard the President say he wants to make tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans permanent, when we know that at a time of war and economic hardship, the last thing we need is a permanent tax cut for Americans who don’t need them and weren’t even asking for them. What we need is a middle class tax cut, and that’s exactly what I will provide as President.
Here's Senator Obama on CNN in May 2008:
Q: So, you want to just eliminate the Bush tax cuts?
A: I want to eliminate the Bush tax cuts.
And here is candidate Obama in a Faux News interview during the campaign:
It is true that I would roll back the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans back to the level they were under Bill Clinton, when I don't remember rich people feeling oppressed.
Even today, his campaign's tax plan is on Organizing for America's website (formerly Obama's campaign website):
Obama will ask the wealthiest 2% of families to give back a portion of the tax cuts they have received over the past eight years to ensure we are restoring fairness and returning to fiscal responsibility.
With apologies to Governor Howard Dean, what I want to know is what in the world is President Obama doing supporting tax cuts, which have bankrupted this country and given us the largest deficit in the history of the United States?


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