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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Washington's statehouse may be lost to Republicans; Eastside Democrats losing

Perhaps the ugliest set of outcomes tonight here in Washington are the legislative races in suburban King County. Voters are sweeping out many of the great Democrats who were elected to the state Senate in 2006, including Claudia Kauffman, Rodney Tom, and my own senator, Eric Oemig.

State Representative Roger Goodman is also behind, after surviving a strong challenge from Toby Nixon in the last cycle.

Randy Gordon, who was appointed to succeed Fred Jarrett, is also losing, to Republican Steve Litzow. Litzow was bested by Jarrett just two years ago.

And Ross Hunter is a very close race with Diane Tebelius.

The Eastside's other Democratic representatives — including Judy Clibborn, Marcie Maxwell, Deb Eddy, and Larry Springer — appear to be hanging on without too much difficulty. Republicans and right wing groups put more money into the state Senate races on the Eastside, and it shows.

If I had to guess, I'd say that Hunter will win — he's currently leading — and Roger Goodman is close enough that he might be able to turn his race around. But he'll need the late ballots to break his way.

So does Rodney Tom.

Eric Oemig and Randy Gordon have steeper hills to climb. They're going to need a significant turnaround to overcome Andy Hill and Steve Litzow.

King County Elections officials say that was reported tonight only constitutes a fraction of the ballots that they have on hand. Which means there are still a significant number of ballots that need to be counted. Victories for some of the beleaguered Democrats named above are still within the realm of possibility. We'll see what tomorrow's batch of ballots portends.


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