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Friday, November 5, 2010

Roger Goodman takes lead in 45th, lifted by late but huge Democratic wave

As NPI predicted yesterday, State Representative Roger Goodman — who initially appeared to have been the victim of a brutal election cycle for Democrats — has come back and taken the lead in his battle with Kevin Haistings.

As of just a few minutes ago, the numbers were:

Roger Goodman: 50.41% (21,478 votes)
Kevin Haistings: 49.53% (21,103 votes)

Roger is now ahead by three hundred and seventy five votes. He trailed yesterday by seventy eight. That's a remarkable one-day gain, made possible by aggressive Democratic get out the vote efforts. His lead should continue to expand and widen in the coming days, solidifying his victory and ensuring the 45th's legislative delegation remains mostly Democratic.

Roger's seatmate, Senator Eric Oemig, also continues to improve his showing, although by smaller margins. Yesterday, Andy Hill's lead was 1,757 votes; today, it was cut to 1,650 votes. Eric's problem, of course, is that the universe of ballots left to count is shrinking. He isn't making up ground quickly enough. If his gains matched Roger's, he would have cut Hill's lead to almost nothing by now.

The good news is, by the time the counting is finished, Hill's margin of victory will look pretty small, which will throw more cold water on Republican claims that the Eastside is their territory again.


Blogger Idealist said...

The drift in the numbers has been fascinating. Charlie Wiggins gained a lot of ground yesterday as well, maybe enough to be ahead by middle of next week.

November 6, 2010 2:16 PM  

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