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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roger Goodman closes in on Kevin Haistings, could take the lead tomorrow afternoon

Republicans may have had a good night on Tuesday, but here in Washington State, Democrats are striking back with intensity.

As the old adage goes, it ain't over till it's over, and Democrats are starting to see the fruits of their get out the vote labors reflected in the latest returns. Nowhere is that more evident than in NPI's home legislative district, the 45th, where Roger Goodman continues to gain strength, perpetuating a trend that began yesterday.

On Election Night, Roger had only 48.77% of the vote. Yesterday, he climbed to 49.22%, and today, he reached 49.86%. He now trails by only seventy eight votes. If the trend holds, he will overtake Kevin Haistings tomorrow, and claim the lead for the first time in this election. That would be fantastic news for Democrats.

A victory for Goodman would keep the 45th's legislative delegation mostly Democratic, and allow Larry Springer (who is comfortably ahead) to return to Olympia next session with his good friend and colleague.

Springer addressed the 45th District Democrats last night, urging the party's hardworking activists to hold out hope for Roger's return.

Meanwhile, Senator Eric Oemig, who is also behind, also managed to improve his standing for the second day in a row, though it's unlikely that he can muster the strength to overcome Andy Hill. Still, it appears he can at least make up enough ground to make Hill nervous.

The current numbers in the Senate race are:

Andy Hill (Republican): 52.35%
Eric Oemig (Democrat): 47.57%

On Tuesday night, the gap between Hill and Oemig was 2,027 votes. Today, however, it declined to 1,795, down from 1,962 yesterday. The changing numbers represent slow and steady progress for Eric. He'll need to increase his average daily gain to get into the position that Roger Goodman has climbed to, however.


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