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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rodney Tom takes the lead in 48th, Roger Goodman closes gap with Kevin Haistings

Some good news for Democrats this afternoon: Democratic State Senator Rodney Tom, who was trailing his Republican challenger Gregg Bennett last night, has seized the lead in the 48th, which pretty much guarantees that the state Senate will remain in Democratic hands.

As of this afternoon's tally, results were:

Rodney Tom: 50.52% (14,353 votes)
Gregg Bennett: 49.38% (14,027 votes)

The 2011-2012 Senate Democratic caucus, which takes office in January, will consist of Rosemary McAuliffe (1), Lisa Brown (2), Mary Mararget Haugen (3), Margarita Prentice (4), Karen Fraser (5), Phil Rockefeller (6), Jim Hargrove (7), Jim Kastama (8), Debbie Regala (9), Kevin Ranker (10), Craig Pridemore (11), Paull Shin (12), Derek Kilmer (13), Steve Conway (14), Maralyn Chase (15), Karen Keiser (16), Sharon Nelson (17), Tim Sheldon (18), Jeanne Kohl-Welles (19), Adam Kline (20), Nick Harper (21), Ed Murray (22), Scott White (23), Brian Hatfield (24) and probably Rodney Tom (25) and Tracey Eide (26).

If Steve Hobbs wins his rematch with Dave Schmidt in the 44th, he would make twenty seven. (Note that the numbers above don't correspond to districts. It's just a numerical tally corresponding to the list of names.)

Twenty five seats are needed to control the state Senate. Republicans can't take over without defeating Tom, Eide, and Hobbs.

Their candidates are behind in all those races, so that scenario now seems unlikely, which again is good news for Democrats.

Meanwhile, in the 45th (NPI's home district), Roger Goodman is closing the gap with Kevin Haistings, his Republican challenger. Yesterday, Goodman was capturing only 48.77% of the vote; today, he has 49.22%. If this is the beginning of a trend, then Goodman may be on his way to a very narrow victory. We'll see what the numbers look like tomorrow afternoon.

It doesn't look like Republicans will control the state House of Representatives either, but Speaker Frank Chopp will be left with a diminished majority.


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