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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Randy Gordon moves in on Steve Litzow; now trails by only one hundred and forty two votes

State Senator Randy Gordon — who has represented the 41st LD in Olympia since succeeding Fred Jarrett earlier this year — took another step towards pulling even with his Republican challenger Steve Litzow today, narrowing his opponent's lead to just one hundred and forty two votes out of 62,252 cast.

To defeat Litzow, Gordon would need to make a very strong showing both tomorrow and Friday, as King County is running out of ballots to tabulate. Turnout in the 41st (which covers part or all of Mercer Island, Bellevue, Newcastle, Renton) has already surpassed seventy two percent and is on its way to seventy three.

As recently as Friday, Gordon was behind by twice as many votes as he is today. If the trend holds, he'll reach parity with Litzow on Friday or Monday.

And if he manages to take the lead and retain it, he will have won by the narrowest of margins, perhaps just a handful of votes.

Conversely, it's entirely plausible that he could lose to Litzow by the same amount, which would be heartbreaking for Democrats and progressives.

Already headed to a recount is the race for state House (Position 2) in the 25th LD between Dawn Morrell and right wing extremist Hans Zeiger, whose incendiary rhetoric has been regularly featured over at HA Seattle. Morrell trails Zeiger by just thirty six votes; the count was most recently updated yesterday.

Meanwhile, Charlie Wiggins' lead over Richard Sanders for Supreme Court justice has grown to more than ten thousand votes, out of 1.9 million cast. Sanders admitted his prospects for winning were dim at the end of last week, and effectively conceded to Wiggins, who is slated to join the state's highest court in just a few weeks. He will be serving with Barbara Madsen, Debra Stephens, Charles Johnson, Tom Chambers, Susan Owens, Mary Fairhurst, Gerry Alexander, and Jim Johnson.


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