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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kentucky Democrats Yarmuth, Chandler holding on in early returns

Two Kentucky Democrats who were said to be in jeopardy of losing their U.S. House seats appear to be holding on as officials in the Bluegrass State continue to tabulate and report ballots.

As of 4:45 PM Pacific Time, Democratic Representative Ben Chandler had 52.67% of the vote, maintaining a lead over his Republican opponent, Andy Barr, who was pulling in 47.33% of the vote. John Yarmuth, meanwhile, had 53.74%, with his Republican challenger Todd Lally getting 44.91%.

It's still early, but the numbers so far are encouraging.

Kentucky is one of the states where Republicans had been hoping to take at least one or two House seats away from the Democrats. If they don't get the pickups they were hoping for in Kentucky, that signals that Democrats may have a better night than many pundits and talking heads anticipated.

UPDATE: Some media outlets are apparently projecting a victory for Yarmuth. We say it's too soon to make that call.


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