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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Few pickups so far in Senate races for either R's or D's, with a couple exceptions

News networks are currently falling over each other in the race to project who has won U.S. Senate contests in the Eastern time zone. But almost every projected race so far has been a hold, with the exception of Indiana and Arkansas. There, Republicans Dan Coats and John Boozman have defeated Democrats Brad Ellsworth and Blanche Lincoln. But elsewhere, seats aren't changing hands.
  • Marco Rubio is projected to win in Florida, but that's a R seat
  • Kelly Ayotte is projected to win in New Hampshire, but that's a R seat
  • Richard Burr is projected to win in North Carolina, but that's a R seat
  • Chris Coons is projected to win in Delaware, but that's a D seat
  • Blumenthal is projected to win in Connecticut, but that's a D seat
  • Manchin is projected to win in West Virginia, but that's a D seat
Republicans are more likely than not to have more Senate seats before the night is over, but it doesn't look like Mitch McConnell is going to be taking over as Senate Majority Leader, regardless of what happens to Harry Reid in Nevada.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, Joe Sestak had an early lead over Pat Toomey, in a hard fought race that may go down to the wire. It looks like urban areas are dominating the early returns, which why Sestak has strong numbers, but Toomey is going to close the gap before long.


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