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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Confident and upbeat, Senator Patty Murray addresses supporters at Westin Seattle

Expressing confidence that she had beaten Dino Rossi to claim a fourth term in the United States Senate, an upbeat Patty Murray took the stage at the Westin Seattle to address supporters shortly after ten o'clock.

Introduced by Senator Maria Cantwell, Governor Chris Gregoire, and Marcelas Owens, Murray thanked her staff and volunteers for their hard work, and recalled several of the constituents she has worked to help in recent years, explaining that her desire to raise Washington's quality of life is what motivates her to serve.

Patty Murray on stage with Maria Cantwell and Chris Gregoire
She was cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd, glad to have at least one contest to be hopeful and optimistic about. Her family and a number of supporters stood behind her on stage, wearing happy smiles.

As of 11 PM Pacific Time, Murray was clinging to a narrow lead over perennial candidate Dino Rossi. The numbers:

Patty Murray: 50.61% (707,473 votes)
Dino Rossi: 49.39% (690,393 votes)

Murray has a narrow lead in Snohomish, Pierce, and Whatcom counties. She's winning Jefferson, Grays Harbor, Pacific, and Thurston by somewhat higher margins. And of course, she's winning King and San Juan counties.

Rossi needs late ballots in Pierce and Snohomish to break heavily for him in order to beat Murray. That probably isn't going to happen. The likelihood is that tonight's spread is the closest Rossi is going to get to Murray.

UPDATE: Well, Pierce County has just updated with new numbers. Dino Rossi has taken the lead there, but he still doesn't have the lead statewide. He can't hope to win merely by improving his standing in Pierce.

King can win a duel with Pierce, as long as it has the support of several other swing counties (like Snohomish). And King does.

New numbers:

Patty Murray: 50.50% (721,742 votes)
Dino Rossi: 49.50% (707,481 votes)


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