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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Colorado contests too close to call

Looking westward, we at NPI turn our attention to the highly contested Senate race between appointed Senator Michael Bennet and Tea Party candidate Ken Buck. With just over 5% of the vote, but Senator Bennet has a slight 12 point lead. Obviously, this is with the caveat of being very early.

However, the city and County of Denver has not yet reported any ballots; many of the reported counties are far flung and more rural. In addition to the rural counties, Jefferson County is a significant portion of the reported vote count and is the 4th most populous county in the state, consisting of many of Denver's suburbs.

In the gubernatorial race, highly popular mayor John Hickenlooper (a Democrat)_, is leading Conservative Party nominee Tom Tancredo and Republican nomineee Dan Maes. If Maes continues to receive less than 10% of the vote, the Republican Party will apparently be considered a "minor party" in Colorado and their ballot placement will not be on top next to the Democratic Party, but randomly placed in the bottom of the pile with the Green and Libertarian parties.


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