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Wednesday, October 6, 2010 added to

Happy news to share this evening: I've just been informed by our friends over at the League of Young Voters Political Action Committee that, our effort to expose the corporations trying to fatten their bottom lines at the expense of Washington's communities, has been added to is a collection of "do-it-yourself voter guides" submitted by progressives around the country.

It's still a work in progress, but it looks very promising.

Currently, is the only guide listed for Washington State, but hopefully that'll change before long. Our friends at Fuse Washington put together a guide every year, and that should definitely be added to the Washington collection.

South of the Columbia, The Bus Project has put together a guide for Oregon's general election ballot, which is featured on

A comprehensive list of NPI's positions on statewide ballot measures is as follows:

Strengthen Our Common Wealth
  • Initiative 1098: YES
  • Referendum 52: APPROVE
Stop Greed
  • Initiative 1053: NO
  • Initiative 1082: NO
  • Initiative 1107: NO
  • Initiative 1100: NO
  • Initiative 1105: NO
  • SJR 8225: APPROVE
We also support King County Proposition 1, to prevent devastating cuts to services that ensure our public safety here in the urban heart of Washington State.


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