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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rick Larsen urges young people to mail in ballots, help with Democratic GOTV efforts

As Election Day draws closer, candidates across Washington State are making the most of opportunities to meet with and rally supporters.

For instance, Patty Murray is traveling around Washington in a campaign tour bus, and today Rick Larsen visited Western Washington University in order to motivate the student vote. Larsen spoke in an event which included a live stream John Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity/And Or Fear and a speech by Jean Melious, a Western professor and head of the Whatcom County Plannng Commission who is running for Whatcom County Council Position 1.

Larsen naturally talked about getting out the vote, which is especially important because Larsen is considered to be a tight contest with John Koster. Larsen's objective is to get more young Democrats to mail in their ballots. Only fifteen percent of likely voters are younger than thirty four, and Koster has a larger share of the vote of those who have already voted.

Those in the room at Western seemed to be students who have already decided and cast their ballot, but, as Larsen said, young people are normally late voters, and he was on campus in part to convince the faithful to spread the word, as well as phonebank and canvass the area, including the student dorms, in the last few hours before the deadline arrives to postmark ballots.

Larsen also spoke about Koster's anti-education agenda and potential options left to Democrats if Republicans take over the House this election.

Current polls show Larsen slightly ahead of Koster, and his campaign team is working feverishly to ensure his reelection. Congressman Larsen is confident that he will win, and if election history is any indication, he will, having beaten Koster in an open contest for the seat a decade ago.


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