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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NPI releases video explaining the cost and consequences of Tim Eyman and BP's I-1053

This afternoon, we're pleased to announce the release of a new video that explains the cost and consequences of Tim Eyman and BP's Initiative 1053.

As we've explained before, I-1053 unconstitutionally gives an extreme partisan minority of legislators the ability to veto bills that seek to raise revenue to protect vital public services. It may seem less dangerous than the other corporate initiatives — it's the only one without a fiscal note — but trashing majority rule is a far greater threat to our state's future than deregulation or bigger deficits.

What's at stake here is whether we live in a democracy or not. If I-1053 passes, corporate lobbyists will be able to tighten their grip on our statehouse. They can stop the Legislature from repealing any tax break by convincing just seventeen senators to side with them. Even if Washington's other one hundred and thirty lawmakers want to protect the public interest.

That's not democratic. Or constitutional. Or fair. Or a practical way to govern.

Produced by NPI board member Lynn Allen with help from NPI's senior planner, Kathleen Reynolds, our video runs a little more than four minutes. Its availability coincides with the release of the NO on 1053 coalition's first television ad.

Watch it (permanent link):

And don't forget to check out the NO on 1053 coalition's first television ad.


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