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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea party favorites O'Donnell, Lamontagne leading in early primary returns

The last primaries of the 2010 cycle are happening tonight in several states, including New Hampshire (which, humorously enough, prides itself on being first in the nation/), Delaware, and Maryland. In the former two states, right wing upstarts are vying against the establishment candidates for the Republican nomination.

And as of 5:20 PM Pacific Time, they're both winning... though it's still early!

Republican nomination for U.S. Senate; Delaware
Michael Castle: 47.7% (1,995 total votes)
Christine O'Donnell: 52.3% (2,186 total votes)

Keep in mind that only twenty five of three hundred and twenty five districts have reported in, and with each wave of new numbers so far, O'Donnell has dropped. If this trend continues, she'll soon be exchanging the lead with Castle.

Republican nomination for U.S. Senate; New Hampshire
Ovide Lamontagne: 52% (7,160 total votes)
Kelly Ayotte: 32% (4,492 total votes)

The media have trumpeted Sarah Palin's endorsement of Kelly Ayotte (because they're obsessed with Palin) but Lamontagne is the favorite of the fringe ultra right.

And right now, he's winning easily. Part of the reason is his strong support in the state's largest city, Manchester. The Concord Monitor has more.

UPDATE, 5:49 PM: O'Donnell is now holding steady at 54.6% with one hundred and thirty six out of three hundred and twenty five districts.

It's starting to look like Castle is doomed.


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