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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Server move complete!

A quick housekeeping note: For the last few days, we've been working on moving NPI's network to a new virtual home, and as of a few hours ago, we severed ties with our old host and pointed our domain name to our new one.

This change should be pretty transparent (meaning nothing will seem different than before, except that our site should load more reliably), but it's possible that some things have inevitably gotten broken in the process.

We'll try to fix those in the days ahead.

The new DNS continues to propagate as of this hour, but most folks should be getting routed to the correct place when typing in Anyone reading this post is definitely browsing our site at its new digs.

We made this move mainly because we wanted to entrust our site to a provider that offered better technical support and more robust software for network administration. Hopefully, the payoff will be that we spend less time wrangling with computers and more time working to advance the common good.


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