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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Murray campaign announces another October rally, this time with Bill Clinton in Everett

Elvis is coming!

Minutes ago, Patty Murray's campaign announced via email that the big dog himself — Bill Clinton — is coming to Washington State for a memorable get out the vote rally with supporters. The event will be held on Monday, October 18th, at the Flying Heritage Collection in Everett.

"In 1992, our nation faced so many of the same challenges we face today," Senator Murray observed in a press release sent to NPI. "I worked with President Clinton to build the foundations for a thriving economy and record budget surpluses. That legacy was squandered by the failed policies of the Bush administration, but we now have the chance to move forward on a new path that will put middle class families first."

"President Clinton has always been a strong advocate for middle class families – the ones who work hard and play by the rules – and I am proud to stand by his side and we work on building a stronger America to help those families succeed.”

Clinton is the third Democratic all-star that is making a trip to the Evergreen State on Murray's behalf. Vice President Joe Biden will be here on October 8th, and First Lady Michelle Obama will be here on October 25th.

Clinton's visit will fall neatly in between those two events.

Murray's campaign is making a smart decision by bringing Biden to Pierce County and Clinton to Snohomish County. If Murray carries King's two swing neighbors on November 2nd, she is guaranteed of victory over Dino Rossi.

Clinton will undoubtedly appear at a closed-door fundraiser or two for Murray while he is here. Details of such events have not been released.

No events with the First Lady have been officially scheduled yet, but the Murray campaign has confirmed that they will have something to announce soon.


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