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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Want a 2010 Washington Progressive Blogroll t-shirt? Preorder now!

As longtime readers may know, every summer for the past several years, NPI has created/sponsored a Washington Progressive Blogroll t-shirt which we take with us to Netroots Nation (originally known as the YearlyKos Convention).

The t-shirt is essentially a wearable guide to the local blogosphere, listing all the active progressive blogs we know about in the Evergreen State. (See photos and graphics of the 2007 version in this post).

The tradition of doing a t-shirt for the convention began at the very first YearlyKos four years ago. Our friend Ray Minchew came up with the idea. He handed it off to us the following year, and we've been carrying it on ever since. They are a rather unique item because we only print a limited number each year.

Because we like things that last, we work with a professional designer and a union print shop to create and produce shirts that will still look like new even after they've been through a zillion wash cycles.

Although we can only afford to print an extremely limited number of extra shirts (which will be sold to those who want them on a first-come, first-served basis) we do have the ability to guarantee you a shirt in the size that fits you at the low price of $20... as long as you preorder before midnight on July 16th.

This year's t-shirt will be brown (previous colors were black, purple, turquoise, and orange) with the blogroll on the back of the shirt enveloped within the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. We're still working on the design, but we'll be sending it to the printer soon. That's why we're taking preorders now.

To place your order, follow this link and provide us with your contact information and the t-shirt size you want. Once you complete the form, you'll be able to pay online. You can also opt to send us a check in the mail and pay that way.


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