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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ask the Leader: Harry Reid to take questions at Netroots Nation 2010

Organizers of Netroots Nation announced today that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will once again welcome the netroots community to his home state of Nevada on the final day of the convention, which is once again in Las Vegas.

However, this time, instead of delivering a speech, Reid will be taking questions from the community. The discussion will be moderated by Daily Kos contributing editor (and friend of NPI!) Joan McCarter. Joan previously co-moderated Netroots Nation's presidential forum in 2007 with Matt Bai of the New York Times Magazine.

Questions can be submitted through either Facebook or Twitter. To submit a question via Facebook, post a comment on this Netroots Nation fan page note. To submit through Twitter, just add the hashtag #NN10Reid to the tweet containing your question. (The hashtag itself, plus a space before or after, is ten characters, so a Twitter question can only be one hundred and thirty characters).

Ours is as follows:
If you are reelected and the Democratic Party retains its majority in the Senate for the 112th Congress, will you commit to finding fifty one Democratic senators who will vote to change the Senate's rules on Day One, so that arcane, undemocratic procedures can no longer be used to routinely kill legislation that would address our nation's challenges?
Here's another one we like, from Free Press' Tim Karr:
While campaigning for the presidency, Barack Obama was an outspoken proponent of Net Neutrality, the principle that protects our right to chose what we do on the Internet. He appointed to chair the FCC someone who claimed to support this principle as well and pledged to put a lasting rule in place. Democratic leadership in the House and Senate have been supportive of Net Neutrality protections, as well.

But the rank and file in Congress haven't kept in line with dozens of Democrats defecting to side with the phone and cable lobby against open Internet protections. How do you propose to get members back in line in support of the Net Neutrality protections that millions of Americans have called for?
"Ask the Leader" will take place at 3:15 PM on Saturday, July 24th. Since Netroots Nation is back in Las Vegas for 2010, our live coverage will correspond with the official convention schedule for the first time in years. So, plan to have The Advocate open in your browser on July 24th at 3:15 PM for continuous updates.


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