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Friday, July 2, 2010

Announcing Our answer to all those right wing initiatives

Earlier today, Tim Eyman and corporate operatives working for the American Beverage Association and Odom Corporation/Young's Markets turned in hundreds of thousands of signatures for I-1053, I-1107, and I-1105, bringing the total of right wing initiatives likely to appear on our ballots this autumn to five.

These five measures represent an unprecedented challenge to the progressive movement here in the Evergreen State.

We will have two of our own measures on the ballot (Initiative 1098 and Referendum 52) but our two are dwarfed by their five.

Collectively, ten corporations and trade groups have already put up nearly six million dollars to qualify these measures for the ballot. And this is undoubtedly just the beginning of the flood. The titanic sum of money the insurance industry spent in 2007 trying to convince us to reject Referendum 67 won't seem like much by the time the 2010 midterms are said and done.

As far as the corporate operatives running these campaigns are concerned, it's time to move from signature-buying to vote-buying.

We're taking a stand against them with, a new Permanent Defense website devoted to exposing their schemes, which amount to one of the biggest power grabs in Washington State's history.

We only began putting together this morning, so there's not too much there yet, but we do encourage you to stop by the Rogues' Gallery, which profiles the corporations trying to buy our votes.

We anticipate adding a lot to the site over the next few months. We'll be tracking money spent, exposing and debunking deceptive advertising, translating talking points, and helping the different campaigns against these five measures strengthen ties with each other. Aside from, Permanent Defense will be focusing on defeating Tim Eyman's Initiative 1053, because it's going to be perhaps the toughest to beat, and we know how to build effective opposition to Eyman's ideas.

Fighting this year's crop of right wing initiatives will be our number one priority from now until Election Day, November 2010.


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