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Saturday, June 26, 2010

LIVE from Ridgefield: Party takes positions on initiatives that may appear on fall ballot

The 2010 Washington State Democratic Convention has resumed following a more than hour-long lunch break, though party Chairman Dwight Pelz has given the order to keep the World Cup match between the United States and Ghana on the big screens on the left and right side of the stage.

(Ghana currently leads in overtime, 2 to 1).

The first order of business was to approve nominations in the two congressional districts where the party had not previously nominated a standard-bearer. For the 3rd District, the party nominated Denny Heck; in the 5th, the party nominated Clyde Cordero. These nominations, first approved in congressional district caucus during the lunch break, were affirmed by the convention without opposition.

Next, a motion was made to suspend the rules to consider an endorsement of Charlie Wiggins for Supreme Court. The motion to suspend carried easily, and after a short debate between supporters of incumbent Richard Sanders and Wiggins, the subsequent motion to endorse Wiggins passed.

(Sanders, for those readers who don't know, is the most libertarian Supreme Court justice; however, his judicial philosophy appears to be more conservative in many respects, which is why the BIAW backs him.)

UPDATE: Convention Chair Craig Pridemore has called on Sharon Smith to deliver the Executive Board's report on the various initiatives that stand a chance of qualifying for the November ballot. The recommendations are:
  • Referendum 52: Endorse (Approve)
  • Initiative 1053: Oppose
  • Initiative 1068: No recommendation
  • Initiative 1082: Oppose
  • Initiative 1100: Oppose
  • Initiative 1105: Oppose
  • Initiative 1107: Oppose
Requests were made to consider Initiative 1068 and Initiatives 1100/1105 separately; these requests were granted.

UPDATE II: Delegates approved the executive board's recommendations with the exception of the three initiatives I just mentioned.

Then it was time for motions from the floor.

A motion to endorse Initiative 1068 was quickly made, and after two speeches for and against (which is all that is allowed) the convention moved to a vote. Division was called for after the vote, and after some confusion, the decision was made to obtain an exact tally. There were three hundred and fourteen yes votes, and a hundred and eighteen no votes, so the motion to endorse I-1068 carried easily.

A motion was then made to oppose Initiatives 1100 and 1105 (liquor privatization). Again, there were two speeches for and against, and again, the motion carried (although this time, there was no division).

Finally, the delegates agreed to suspend the rules to consider an endorsement of Stan Rumbaugh for Supreme Court. (Rumbaugh is challenging incumbent Justice Jim Johnson, who coauthored Tim Eyman's Initiative 747 with Rob McKenna).

No delegate spoke against Rumbaugh, although two party leaders opposed on the motion on the grounds that not enough information was available to make a sound decision. Senator Rosa Franklin, however, stood up to speak on Stan's behalf, and her support helped Rumbaugh's cause.

The motion to endorse him passed.

We are now set to hear from our candidates for Congress running in districts where no incumbent Democrat is the standard bearer.


Blogger Nilus said...

I'm pleased to see that the Convention has opposed I-1100 and I-1105. The people of Washington need to defeat these two measures.

June 29, 2010 4:29 PM  

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