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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Senate Labor, Commerce & Consumer Protection Committee advances 2010 Homebuilding Revitalization Act

Earlier this evening, the Senate Labor, Commerce & Consumer Protection Committee (chaired by Senator Jeanine Kohl Welles, D-36th District) reported SSB 6701 out of committee with a "do pass" recommendation, subject to signature.

SSB 6701, prime sponsored by Senator Adam Kline, is the 2010 version of the Homebuilding Revitalization Act, previously known as the homeowner's bill of rights. The bill has seven Democratic cosponsors. Voting to refer the bill to Rules were Democratic Senators Kohl-Welles, Kline, Keiser, and Franklin. Voting no were Republican Senators Honeyford, Holmquist, and King.

SSB 6701, in a nutshell, would extend the same protections that condo owners currently enjoy to homeowners, who have no right of recourse if something goes wrong with their home. NPI has been fighting to correct this injustice for many years, and as Sandy Levy said on Tuesday when he testified before the committee, we're still at it. And we will be until we have succeeded.

If history is any indication, SSB 6701 will be placed on the fast track through Senate Rules (as its predecessors were in years past) and be added to the floor calendar for consideration in short order. SSB 6701 must then pass out of the Senate by February 16th, 2010 at 5 PM to remain alive.


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