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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Randy Gordon looks set to be the new State Senator from the 41st Legislative District

I wanted to take a quick break from my break tonight to congratulate Randy Gordon on being overwhelmingly selected by the Democratic precinct committee officers of the 41st Legislative District to succeed Fred Jarrett as State Senator. (Jarrett recently resigned to go to work for newly elected King County Executive Dow Constantine, creating a vacancy).

PCOs from Bellevue, Mercer Island, Newcastle, and Renton gathered together earlier this evening for a special meeting of the 41st Democratic organization, chaired by KCDCC Chair Suzie Sheary, to select three names to forward to the King County Council, which must choose one as required by the Washington State Constitution.

Seventy three PCOs (out of ninety five) showed up to participate in the meeting. All cast ballots in the first round, and all but two cast ballots in the final round. Randy Gordon received sixty nine percent of the vote in the first round and seventy six percent in the final round.

Since he was the overwhelming favorite, it is highly likely that the King County Council will choose him for the job.

I first met Randy nearly five years ago when he decided to run for Congress in the 8th Congressional District. Though I ended up supporting Darcy Burner, I was impressed by Randy's resolve and dedication. He is an accomplished activist and a great progressive, and has faithfully served his LD for many years. Here's just a slice of his biography which highlights some of the very excellent work he has done:
Randy has been an activist in matters involving election integrity and campaign reform, serving as lead counsel in the case of Lehto, et al. vs. Snohomish County and Sequoia Election Systems, Inc. seeking to prevent Snohomish County from “outsourcing” our election process to electronic voting machine companies which provide unverifiable vote counting.

He also has represented citizen groups in a successful mandamus action compelling King County to count petition signatures in accordance with controlling state law and in ballot initiative language challenges.

He was active in referendum and initiative campaigns including the recent ratification of the Insurance Fair Conduct Act (R. 67) and the defeat of I-330, seeking to unbalance our civil justice system.
I can think of no one who deseves this honor more than he does. Congratulations, Randy! We look forward to seeing the King County Council officially name you as the next state senator from the 41st.


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