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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dr. No

Congressman Doc Hastings wants you to die. Yes, you read that right. Congressman Hastings, of Washington's 4th Congressional District, could care less if your health care coverage is less than adequate or affordable. Regardless of what form the final health care reform bill takes, Doc Hastings is voting no.
Democratic leaders in Congress have yet to negotiate a final bill for health care reform, but regardless of what the House and Senate ultimately agree on, Rep. Doc Hastings is sure he will vote no.
Much like the rest of his party, Congressman Hastings doesn't need to know details of legislation in order to oppose it. His rigid stance, marching lockstep with his party leadership, stems from an inability and unwillingness to do anything of consequence for the people who elected him. It doesn't matter if the legislation helps his constituents or not, if Democrats support it then Hastings is voting no. And as a result, if the recklessly omniscient Doc Hastings has his way, people will die.

Is this the kind of leadership the people of the 4th District deserve, where doing the right thing for your constituents takes a back seat to rigid ideology?


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