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Sunday, December 20, 2009

WA-03: Heck maybe?

Full Disclosure: I am a supporter and volunteer for Senator Craig Pridemore's campaign to succeed Brian Baird.

As of three days ago, Brad Shannon reported in The Olympian that former legislator Denny Heck was still considering running for the 3rd Congressional district seat being vacated by Brian Baird, noting that he had filed campaign finance papers and lent $100,000 of his own money to a potential campaign. Heck himself said he'd set a hard deadline of this weekend to make a decision. As of this morning, we still haven't heard if Heck is going to join the race.

However, in addition to what The Olympian reported, it appears that Denny Heck has also parked a domain for a potential campaign website. A search shows that is registered to one Christopher Hedrick of Dulles, Virginia. So what's the connection?

Hedrick is a Board Member of the Digital Learning Commons here in Washington state, was founder and CEO of Intrepid Learning Systems where Denny Heck is a Board Member, and is former technology advisor to Governor Gary Locke. And both Hedrick and Heck have served on the board of Trustees for The Evergreen State College in Olympia. Coincidence that a man named Christopher Hedrick has parked the domain? Probably not.

My guess is Denny Heck is running for Congress, but is waiting for a better news day when more people are paying attention to make his announcement. If Denny Heck wanted it in the Sunday newspapers he would have made the announcement already.


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