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Monday, November 2, 2009

In King County, 2009 will be the first general election without voting booths

Last year we in King County experienced the last election we may ever have at the polls, as we have only held vote by mail elections this year. I was fortunate enough be involved in to what turned out to be an unnecessary part of the process.

The Democratic Party recruited a large group of people, some attorneys but most not, to serve as poll watchers. There were justifiable concerns about voting machines and traceability and the like.

I received some training in election laws, and a notebook with instructions and forms. I wrote down every single incident that seemed in the least bit out of the ordinary. There wasn't much, but there were some.

I enjoyed my time, and felt part of an historic event. (I was also a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, so it was quite a year.)

I spent about thirteen hours altogether as a poll watcher. When all was said and done, the Party didn't even ask for my notes. The election seemed to go well.

I mailed my ballot off a couple of days ago, just as I've done for the past ten years. But there is something sad about not having the choice to vote in person.

What are your thoughts on the first general election without any voting booths?


Blogger Voter said...

I am worried about whether your vote will be counted.

King County's Ballot Scanners can't handle close Mayor's race?
A new King 5 Poll shows Mike McGinn and Joe Mallahan are in a statistical dead heat ...Unfortunately for us and the candidates, a report in the 9/3/09 Queen Anne News, states that King County's brand new Diebold/Premier (now ES&S) ballot scanners fail to record all the votes. This is bad in and of itself, but it poses an even more significant problem when there are very close races, like the McGinn/Mallahan race and possibly a few others.

November 3, 2009 3:05 PM  

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