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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans' Day

Today we pause to thank the many brave men and women who have valiantly served our country in the armed forces, defending this great nation so that the rest of us may go about our lives freely and peacefully.

We at NPI are especially grateful for the service of two of our own team members - Rick Hegdahl and Dorsol Plants - who both served in the Iraqi theater. Rick will be speaking shortly at an event sponsored by Operation Free, a coalition of veterans and national security organizations working to secure America with renewable energy. That event begins at the Seattle Labor Temple in an hour.

Governor Gregoire and her husband First Mike, as he is affectionately known, attended two events to commemorate Veterans Day this morning. The governor also released a statement thanking Washington's veterans for their service:
On behalf of the people of the state, I thank each and every one of our veterans for their service to our nation. As Governor, I’ve been blessed to see the amazing courage and generosity of our men and women in the armed services, as I have met with members of the Washington National Guard both here and in Iraq.

Their personal courage, humility and sense of duty always impress me.They and their families, like military families before them, sacrifice so much, and sometimes they make the ultimate sacrifice. We should all take time today to pause and reflect on much our veterans have done for us, and to thank them for embodying the virtues that make our country great.
Vice President Biden was also in Pierce County this week to attend a memorial ceremony for seven Fort Lewis soldiers who were killed overseas.

Finally, for those who missed President Obama's speech at Fort Hood, it is a must-read (or must-watch, depending on your preference).


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