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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Governor Gregoire issues statement on the passage of Referendum 71

Via email from Governor Chris Gregoire's office:
I am extremely pleased that voters have approved Referendum 71. I signed the original bill and believe it is the right policy for our great state. Washington state has a history of fighting to ensure everyone – mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters – enjoys equal rights. From the first bill I signed in 2007 to this new law, we have proudly made great strides on behalf of all Washington families.
And thank you, governor, for your support of this important civil rights legislation, which wouldn't exist today without your signature.

As of this evening, Referendum 71 has surpassed 52% of the vote, and is now passing more comfortably than it was on Election Night, partly thanks to King County's heavy support. There are 687,374 votes in favor and 625,793 votes against. Support for Referendum 71 is coming almost exclusively from the state's northwestern quarter, with the southwest and the east opposed. (Thurston County is the lone exception, although it is on the border of the northwest and southwest).


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