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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dow Constantine declares victory, looks to be our next King County Executive

Hello everyone! I'm here at Dow Constantine's Election Night party and it is rocking. The first (and only results for tonight) from King County put Dow at 57% and Susan Hutchison at 43%. People are ecstatic! Cheering of "Dow Now" are rampant through the packed ballroom at the Edgewater Hotel.

Local politicos such as Sharon Nelson, Fred Jarret, Ross Hunter, and Suzan DelBene are here mingling and celebrating. It looks as though Dow Constantine will be victorious in this race; the next Executive of King County.

Sharon Nelson introduced Dow as someone "I can trust and someone I can believe in."

Dow gave a magnanimous speech. He thanked his environmental supporters, the labor movement, the business community, and his fellow councilmembers Larry Gossett, Julia Patterson, and Bob Ferguson.

Dow then thanked his opponent Susan for a spirited competition.

And to her supporters, he said "Give us a chance... I share your concerns about the future of King County." Dow added that "this election was about who was the best person to lead us forward to bring real reform to King County."

The voters have spoken "loud and clear" in support of a progressive future for King County. Voters were looking for change consistent with their values. Dow proclaimed that "tonight marks a new beginning for King County on the path towards a better future for our children and grandchildren."

"This was not a 'throw the bums out' election where voters were looking for a newcomer pushing a radical change agenda," Constantine's communications director Sandeep Kaushik told NPI. "In fact, our research showed that voters in King County were very concerned that the next Executive have local government experience and a demonstrated track record of getting things done."

"They also wanted someone with an established track record as a pragmatic reformer. Dow had all of these qualities, Susan Hutchison had none of them."

This is an exciting party after what I think many would agree was a thrilling election. Progressives in King County can feel good about what happened tonight. Dow Constantine appears to be our next King County Executive.


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