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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Benton County, home to the Tri-Cities, joins NO on Initiative 1033 column

A stunning turn of events tonight: After giving Initiative 1033 its support in early returns, Benton County has done an about face and joined the NO on Initiative 1033 column. As of this evening, voters there were very narrowly rejecting Tim Eyman's anti-government scheme, 50.07% to 49.93%.

Other than last year (when thirty eight out of thirty nine counties turned down Eyman's wildly unpopular Initiative 985), I'm not sure that Benton County has ever voted against a Tim Eyman initiative. We'd have to go back and check. But I'm pretty sure that it hasn't. So this really is historic. Amazing.

The difference between Yes and No is only forty one votes as of this writing, but if the trend continues, Benton will remain in the NO camp, creating a solid chain of counties opposed to Initiative 1033 that stretches from the state's northwest tip to its southwest corner. The result in Benton County certainly vindicates the resources the campaign put into getting the word out in the Tri-Cities.


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