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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where are the Election Night parties going to be next Tuesday? Here's a guide

With Election Night 2009 now less than a hundred and twenty hours away, campaigns are starting to release information about where their parties are going to be. The following is the list we've compiled from announcements collected today. We'll update the list as we get more announcements.

You can let us know about a party that is not on the list by sending an email to tips (at) nwprogressive (dot) org.

Mallahan for Mayor, Dow Constantine for Executive, NO on I-1033
Where? Edgewater Hotel, 2411 Alaskan Way, Pier 67, Seattle, 98121
What Room? Alki Room for NO on I-1033, Cascade Room for Mallahan
When? Starts at 7 PM for NO on I-1033, 7:30 PM for Mallahan

Approve Referendum 71
Where? Pravda Studios, 1406 10th Ave, Suite 200, Seattle, 98122
When? Starts at 7 PM

McGinn for Mayor
Where? The War Room, 722 E Pike Street, Seattle, 98122
When? Starts at 7 PM

Seattle Housing Levy
Where? Sole Repair, 1001 E Pike St, Seattle, 98122
When? Starts at 6 PM

Pete Holmes for City Attorney & David Bloom/Nick Licata for City Council
Where? Seattle Glassblowing Studio, 2227 5th Avenue, Seattle, 98121
When? All parties start at 7 PM

Tom Carr for City Attorney
Where? Christos at Alki, 2508 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, 98116
When? Starts at 7:30 PM

Max Vekich for Port Commission
Where? Alexis Hotel, 1007 First Ave, Seattle, 98104
When? Starts at 6 PM

Rob Holland for Port Commisssion
Where? Westin Hotel, 1900 5th Ave, Seattle, 98101
When? Starts at 5:30 PM

Bob Rosenberger for King County Assessor
Where? Southlake Grill, 1253 Thomas St, Seattle, 98109
When? Starts at 6 PM

Sally Bagshaw and Jessie Israel for City Council
Where? Spitfire, 2219 4th Ave, Seattle, 98121
When? Both start at 7 PM

Richard Conlin for City Council
Where? Cafe Paloma, 93 Yessler Way, Seattle, 98104
When? Starts at 7 PM

David Ginsberg for City Council
Where? Cafe Metropolitan, 1701 E Olive Way, Seattle, 98102
When? Starts at 7 PM

Mike O'Brien for City Council
Where? Fremont Abbey, 4272 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, 98103
When? Starts at 7 PM

Robert Rosencrantz for City Council
Where? Chez Rosencrantz, 2316 18th Ave E, Seattle, 98112
When? Starts at 7:30 PM

AM 1090 (with Lee Callahan)
Where? Copper Cart Cafe, 113 Bell Street, Seattle, 98121
When? Starts at 6:30 PM

King County Citizens for Port Reform
Where? Fadó Irish Pub, 801 1st Avenue, Seattle, 98104
When? Starts at 6:30 PM, runs until 8 PM

43rd District Democrats Election Night Happy-Hour Watch Party
Where? Purr Cocktail Lounge, 1518 11th Avenue, Seattle, 98122
When? Starts at 7 PM

The State Democratic Party has also compiled an extensive list of parties


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