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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Susan Hutchison draws her "nonpartisan" cloak tightly around her

Susan Hutchison wants to be the next King County executive, but she doesn’t want King County voters to know who she is.

And in a largely Democratic county (70% voted for Obama in 2008), her charade could mean that some voters will assume her “nonpartisan” label means that she has never favored any political party.

You don't have to look too hard to see that her actions give her away.

Donations speak louder than words. While Hutchison has never donated a cent to a Democratic candidate, she has given oodles of cash to conservatives like the Bush-Cheney duo, extreme Christian conservative Mike Huckabee and ChangePAC, the political arm of the anti-conservation organization the Building Industry Association of Washington. That’s putting your money where your values are.

When asked this summer in an interview whether she is a Republican, she replied:
You know, it's interesting how this issue keeps raising its head because this is a nonpartisan race, and I'm running because I'm a nonpartisan. I've never affiliated with a party; you know we don't register (to vote by party) in this state.
She has more than "affiliated" with the Republican party, she has considered running for national office as one of its members. In typical "nonpartisan" fashion, Hutchinson fervently courted state Republican leaders in 2005 and 2006 while drumming up interest in a possible run as a Republican candidate for the Senate. She also championed the work of the anti-transit, conservative think tank, the Washington Policy Center last year.

It looks like Hutchison finds the nonpartisan label convenient to hide herself and her involvement with the Republican party behind, and with Election Day around the corner, she has less than two weeks to keep up the charade. Democratic voters should let her know her that we don’t play that game.

Just yesterday, Hutchison further avoided defining herself to voters when she compared the work of the King County executive to that of a dentist as reported by the Seattle Times:
These litmus-test issues need to be put aside, just as we don't ask our dentist their political views before they work on our teeth.
I think I would ask my dentist a lot of questions if she oversaw my local jails and sheriffs, health and environmental services and public transit. Wouldn’t you?


Blogger Mike Barer said...

Her delivery in the last debate suggest that her answers are "prepared" much like a New Anchor would read copy written by the news writers. Dow always makes it clear where he stands. It could be argued that it easy to be Liberal in King County. But Dow often is put in a position to defend a largely unpopular administration.

October 23, 2009 11:41 AM  

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