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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seattle City Councilmembers phonebank against Tim Eyman's Initiative 1033

Two weeks.

That's all that's left between now and November 3rd, at 8 PM, when voting in the 2009 general election will come to a close.

The campaign to defeat Tim Eyman's Initiative 1033 is in full swing, with an aggressive field effort underway as I type.

I'm blogging live from the NO on Initiative 1033 phonebank in Seattle, where I'm surrounded by volunteers making calls to voters. Among those volunteers are a majority of the Seattle City Council: Jean Godden, Nick Licata, Richard Conlin, Sally Clark, Tim Burgess, and Bruce Harrell.

Nick Licata and Bruce Harell get ready to phonebank They're here because they recognize how important it is that we beat back Tim Eyman's most destructive initiative ever.

We can't afford to fail and we can't afford to procrastinate.

The time for mobilizing voters in opposition to I-1033 is now.

Most voters who answer the phone, field staff say, haven't heard about Initiative 1033, which just goes to show how long this measure has been sneakily flying under the radar. But once volunteers explain what the initiative is, and who's behind it, it doesn't take long for voters to decide that they're against the measure. That's really no surprise, because Initiative 1033 is an utterly unworkable idea from Colorado that Tim Eyman imported and extended to new depths.

Jean Godden phonebankingProblem is, we've only got two weeks to reach out to voters and let them know that this election will decide the future of Washington State.

More volunteers are needed to staff the phone banks. The campaign has already contacted tens of thousands of voters, but still needs to contact tens of thousands more.

Your participation is needed to keep the phonebanks going.

For many voters, getting a phone call about Initiative 1033 will make all the difference when the time comes to vote. That's why Seattle City Councilmembers are here tonight making calls.

To sign up to phonebank, just get in touch.

Richard Conlin phonebanks You don't have to travel to Seattle to make calls.

Phonebanks are also being run from Bellevue, Federal Way, Everett, Vancouver, Bellingham, and Spokane.

How many voters we are able to successfully reach out to is what will determine whether NO on I-1033 triumphs or comes up short on Election Night. Please get involved today and help get the word out before it's too late.


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