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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Faith leaders urge voters to reject Tim Eyman's immoral Initiative 1033 (Part IV)

Editor's Note: Welcome to the fourth and final installment of a special series chronicling religious opposition to Tim Eyman's Initiative 1033.

On Wednesday morning, four leaders representing different faiths came together to urge the people of Washington State to reject Initiative 1033 because it is not in keeping with the values that our state and our nation were founded upon. Each installment in this series will feature a statement from one of the four faith leaders who spoke at the press conference.

We continue with Joyce Emery, Transitional Executive for the Synod of Alaska Northwest, Presbyterian Church. Her words on Wednesday morning were as follows.

As people of faith, we think that we have a moral obligation to care for people that are in need, those that maybe cannot fend for themselves. So we must speak for them. This afternoon, we want to speak for them as religious leaders.

So we're very happy we're here. Thank you for joining us. And as faith leaders, we want to express our opposition to Tim Eyman's Initiative 1033.

We believe that this will lock up the budget that we experience now in the State of Washington, and billions will be cut in regards to education and healthcare.

And 1033 guarantees more cuts that would be made in healthcare and education and social services. So we just cannot sit still, but must speak against this, because the gap between the rich and the poor would widen, and it would harm those that are vulnerable. We have about seventy five Presbyterian churches in this area, and I am so aware of their ministry and their communities, the food banks, the places where they're advocating for those that are in need.

And people are streaming into our churches in need. And we can't just [remain silent]. We have to stand up. And so that's why we're here today.

I'm also fascinated - I've only come to Washington two years ago, even though I grew up here - I'm so fascinated by this mentality of taking care of ourselves. You know, just me. Protect my taxes. Well, I pay property taxes, and I want to pay property taxes to help others. And so, that's not going to scare me.

As citizens, we must speak out [and vote NO on 1033].


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