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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tim Eyman, sidekicks launch another I-1033 publicity stunt... in court

So, Tim Eyman and Mike "Feel Like You've Been Duped" Fagan (who, by the way, is running for Spokane City Council) are now trying to obfuscate the real impact I-1033 will have to Washington State. The Olympian reports:
The sponsors of Initiative 1033 have sued state officials to stop information from being included in the statewide voter’s pamphlet that they contend is erroneous and misleading.

The lawsuit alleges the state Office of Financial Management made assumptions while drafting the fiscal impact statement to be included in the pamphlet that exclude types of revenue that should fall under the measure if approved Nov. 3.
Even though Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna's office has said there's nothing wrong with OFM's fiscal impact statement, Tim Eyman and Mike Fagan still contend that the information is misleading. There's a case of the pot calling the kettle black if there ever was one.

Eyman's move was undoubtedly intended to garner publicity, but not many media outlets have picked up on the bait.

Voters deserve the right to know how I-1033 will cripple our state, just like a similar measure did to Colorado in the 1990s. Residents of Spokane ought to be particularly upset that one of the measure's cosponsors is seeking to represent them. If his and Eyman's handiwork goes into effect, quality of life in Spokane... and every other city across Washington... will suffer dramatically.

Mike Fagan is not the first Eyman sidekick to run for office, however. Eyman's former associate Monte Benham of the Tri-Cities ran for the House of Representatives as a Republican and lost, twice.

Fagan's only claim to fame is that he has helped one of the United States' most notorious Grover Norquist clones promote measures that interfere with government's responsibilities to deliver essential services to the people of Washington. He apparently thinks that qualifies him to be a legislator in Washington's second largest city. Not far from his name on the ballot will be his and Eyman's handiwork, the badly written, ill-conceived Initiative 1033, which would wipe out $2.1 billion in funding for city-provided public services. Including Spokane's.

If the residents of Spokane's District 1 think through the contest for Spokane City Council, they'll pass over Mike Fagan in favor of his well-qualified opponent, who has roots in the community and believes in effective government.

As for Eyman's lawsuit, it will no doubt come crashing to earth as a giant flop as soon as a judge has the opportunity to toss it out.


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