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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Conservatives can even make "stay in school" sound dangerous

Did you know that President Obama is planning to indoctrinate our children with his socialist propaganda next week, and is asking students to pledge allegiance to his “goals?” And teachers are collaborators in this exercise?

You didn’t? Well, you’re right. This is just one more example of how conservatives use overheated rhetoric to turn something harmless, or even positive like this speech, into something scary and ominous.

Remind you of something? Death panels? Pulling the plug on Grandma?

Conservatives have the ability to turn the public dialogue around through the use of their vast media infrastructure and shameless celebrity commentators. They are turning a positive televised message from the president on staying in school and “maximizing...educational opportunities” into dangerous mind control.

Oh please. That is the kind of mind control that I want for my children. Don't you?

Unbelievably, I know some other parents who disagree with me and are very suspicious of Obama’s intentions. It’s possible that these parents might also be suspicious of Obama’s so-called “socialized medicine” plan.

In order to counteract these conservative falsehoods, progressives need to build up their own infrastructure of organizations, and inject positive progressive ideas and policies into the state and national dialogue.

This is the goal of NPI. We refute the right, we support the left and we also think for ourselves.

It's a media-run world and progressive ideas can’t win without a strong voice and presence. NPI is a part of that voice.


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