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Monday, August 10, 2009

State Treasurer launches modern website

Tired of an outdated, nineties-era website serving as the virtual face of his office, State Treasurer Jim McIntire recently set into motion an effort to bring his site into the twenty first century. The redesigned site launched today, and it looks much better than the old one. It's better organized with a smooth graphic layout.

Among the rotating pictures is a photo of McIntire and Governor Chris Gregoire sitting at a desk, both with glasses on, wholly engrossed in the business of the people of Washington. Interspersed are pictures of Evergreen State scenery.

State Treasurer's New Website
The state's bond rating is prominently displayed - currently it's AA+ - and information is offered for specific audiences (State Agencies, Local Governments, Investors and Financial Institutions).

"I’m pleased to launch our new site," McIntire said in a statement released to NPI. "Whether you are an investor or taxpayer I hope you find the added statistics and reports helpful when you evaluate how Washington State manages its finances."

McIntire's redesign leaves Washington State's lieutenant governor, Brad Owen, as the statewide officeholder with the most antiquated website.

(Randy Dorn's site, though, still looks too much like it did during the Terry Bergeson era... time for a facelift there if you ask us).


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