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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Washington's Capitol press corps loses two of its finest: Adam Wilson and Rich Roesler

Washington State's Capitol press corps just can't seem to catch a break.

After several dizzying rounds of exits by journalist after journalist, two more of the intrepid reporters who cover the statehouse have announced their departures: Adam Wilson of The Olympian and Rich Roesler of the Spokesman-Review.

Like many of their colleagues before them, they are both leaving to take government jobs: Wilson as a speechwriter for Governor Chris Gregoire, Roesler as a communications guy for Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler.

They join a long list of reporters who have jumped ship and taken jobs in government or the private sector.

Robert Mak and Alex Fryer, formerly of KING5 and The Seattle Times, now work for Mayor Greg Nickels' press shop. Chris Mulick, formerly of the Tri-City Herald, took a job with the Senate Democratic Caucus in Olympia. David Postman, formerly of The Seattle Times, took a job with Paul Allen's Vulcan. Chris McGann, formerly of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, accepted a position in the State Treasurer's office. David Ammons, formerly of The Associated Press, now works for Secretary of State Sam Reed as Communications Director. Ralph Thomas, formerly of The Seattle Times, left his job to join Katz Communications Group.

On and on it goes.

Amazingly, all of this has happened within the last eighteen months.

It's understandable why the best and brightest are leaving: The writing's on the wall. The traditional media world offers nothing except uncertainty ahead, and it's hard to plan a life around an uncertain future.

Being a journalist these days means not having much job security.

The good news is that The Olympian and The Spokesman-Review have plans to replace Wilson and Roesler. That's what they've both said. So at least for now, the Capitol Press Corps will be rejuvenated with some new blood, and won't continue to dwindle further. But we're going to miss both Rich and Adam. They did a fine job and the statehouse just won't be the same without them.


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