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Friday, June 26, 2009

Susan Hutchison: "No opinion" on Tim Eyman's Initiative 1033

Last night at the King County Executive Forum in North Bend, NPI asked Susan Hutchison what her position was on Tim Eyman's Initiative 1033, a measure that will likely be on this November's ballot that would have a devastating impact on county and city governments. More precisely, Initiative 1033 a jobs killer: it would cause thousands of public servants to be laid off across the State of Washington.

Should I-1033 qualify for the ballot, its passage would dramatically alter the government and common wealth of King County, and not in a good way. Whoever becomes King County Executive will most certainly be grappling with the consequences if the measure passes. More importantly, however, voters deserve to know what the people seeking to represent them think of this idea.

All the Democrats in the race have already stated their unwavering opposition to Initiative 1033 - Susan Hutchison is the only other major candidate not on the record. That's why we made a point of asking.

Unfortunately, Hutchison demurred from taking a position, saying she had "no opinion" because she's not familiar with the details of Initiative 1033. However, she did say, "Washington State has a very important initiative process and Tim Eyman is a very important part of that process."

That answer has just enough susbtance to be very, very, very troubling. Hutchison would do well to remember that this county has rejected every single Tim Eyman initiative that's ever been on the ballot... with the exception of I-900, which did not attempt to cut taxes or gouge our common wealth.

Candidates who can't form opinions about ballot questions that the people of this state may have to decide are not fit to hold public office. If this is going to be Susan Hutchison's answer from now through August 18th, the people of King County know who not to vote for in the upcoming primary election.


Blogger tacomasha said...

The more she talks, the less she's coming across as qualified for this, or any other office. I don't know who is advising her in this run, but the theme seems to be don't say anything that might even vaguely cause offense to anyone. I'm stunned she's actually the frontrunner.

June 26, 2009 1:41 PM  

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